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documentary​ films

From 2000 - 2011, I worked as a cinematographer, photographer and editor in NYC, primarily as a DP for non-fiction, independent features. I balanced that out with shooting music, primarily for Unplugged & Live@Vh-1, and the NY pieces within the Blogotheque series of one-take music videos, field recordings in magnificent and strange places. About once a year I would take an artist residency to work on my own films.

this is for betsy hall

an impressionistic montage of stills, projected video, underwater footage and an intimate phone conversation, this deeply personal film was crafted as a gift for my mother, who has struggled all her life with anorexia and bulimia.

the mom files

this is a series of five pieces in various stages of development, from finished pieces to works in progress to experiments. i strung them together for the purposes of my recent exhibition, 'i am a focusing mechanism,' in trondheim, norway.

One Take New York

One Take New York makes field recordings of bands we love playing a song they love somewhere in New York City – in one take, of course. Inspired by, and contributing to, the incredible series out of Paris, Blogotheque's Un Concert a Emporter, this is the Tumblr site of just our work; dive in!

Bloodbuzz, Ohio, by The National

For the eagle-eyed among you, can you spot the cameo by an epic documentary filmmaker? hint: their last name rhymes with hennetaker...

storage is unsolved problems

a little piece i made while finishing up five weeks of going through my mom's six boxes at the i-park artist residency, nov-dec 2009. the incredible music is by arms and sleepers.

the art of the motorcycle

the guggenheim museum’s best attended exhibition, ‘the art of the motorcycle,’ was selected as the opening show for the museum’s newest addition, the las vegas guggenheim. a major component of the exhibition was added for the occasion, a collage of moving images and sound following the chronology of motorcycles in film and popular culture. hope hall directed these films alongside producer ultan guilfoyle.


these multi-channel projections consist of two ten minute loops edited to a single soundtrack and projected onto two 20’ x 30’ screens, and a three minute, silent loop, projected onto a two story glass box covered in lumisty, a film rendering the surface (and the projection) opaque and transparent both, depending on your vantage point. the films pull from hundreds of sources, including feature films, commercials, documentaries, print ads, and industrial films and evokes the motion and speed that are essential, yet absent, in the static motorcycles on display for the exhibition. 

every ten seconds

if no one can prove that tomorrow will come, why is it so hard to live in the moment? while time itself is forged of our own hands and minds, we are equally locked in its grasp. viewed through the lens of new year’s eve 1999, ‘every 10 seconds’ is a meditation on the passage of time through the layering of sounds and images. 


‘techno’ is a poem, an elegy to the landscape of the silicon valley (previously known as the valley of heart's delight) and to its transformation from open space to wasteland over the course of a lifetime.

dr. bob

doctor bob bomengen, of lakeview, oregon, believes in training all doctors to be black bag, country doctors. my great-grandfather, thomas vinton hall, was the country doctor for lakeview, and much of the surrounding high desert area, once upon a time. i went to lakeview to see his incarnation, and met dr b, the magic man.

joe's garage

joe's garage is the oldest car repair shop in eugene, oregon. it is also my oldest film.

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