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documentary filmmaker, cinematographer, and photographer

about hope

Award-winning cinematographer, director, video advisor for President Obama, and Elizabeth Warren + Joe Biden campaigns, Director of Video and Videographer for the White House Office of the Vice President. 

After my last day on the best job ever (as Obama’s Videographer), I created a sabbatical in the form of a speaking tour (and developed this mindset handout), which took me everywhere from a surprisingly raucous hospice wing in Marlborough, NZ, to an inspirational time with Google Brand Studio, and 18 months' worth of stops in between.


While going lateral in that epic chapter, I embarked on a personal project, which I called ‘Visit the Visionaries,’ tracking down inspirational people at the intersection of art, social justice & tech. Soon thereafter, my freelance life as a documentary cinematographer and filmmaker ramped back up, with projects ranging from independent features to episodic tv to campaign videos. I also contributed a chapter to the book "West Wingers," released in 2018. Then, I had the best jobs ever 2.0, first as Senior Advisor for Video & Senior Road Videographer for Elizabeth Warren 2020, then for Team Biden as Director & Cinematographer for Mobilization Ads in Pennsylvania and the Presidential Inaugural Committee! Most recently I was on team OVP at the White House, as Director of Video and Videographer during transition through August 2022. I am now processing, freelancing, organizing with and caring for my community.  More... 

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My long-term project, called “Visit the Visionaries,” involves seeking out the folks who inspire me, whatever their medium, at the intersection of art, social justice, and tech. 



After a few decades of developing these mindset tools and offering them up to students, mentees, and friends alike, I put them all down on one page and created this handout.

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My chapter in the book, West Wingers: Stories from the Dream Chasers, Change Makers, and Hope Creators Inside the Obama White House

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